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  • Product: Alma


How to delete user records based on a subset of users (e.g. students whose expiry date has already passed)?


The utility job "Purge Users" should be used.


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Click here regarding "Configuring Delete User Policy Settings".


To note, below is an outline of a process which enables more control and caution over the exact list of users to be purged.


The steps are:

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1. In Analytics, create a report for the users to be purged/deleted. Include the Primary ID, for easier next steps.

Womens Style Bags Celebrity In Design Sale Ladies Designer Handbags New Shoulder Tote 6 Pink 2. Export the results to an Excel spreadsheet. 

3. Keep only the Primary ID column, and at the header (Cell 1, Col. 1) put: USERNAME. See a related Knowledge Article, "Create User Set based on Analytics".


4. As precaution, in order to control the group of deletes, add or ensure that the list of users all belong to an unmistaken, distinct User Group, For example, call that User Group: "Purge_Students_2017". Add in the following 2 tables: 

User Configuration Menu > “User Groups”

User Configuration Menu > “User Record Type/User Group”

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* Note: the advantage is one more check, or better control, over the users to be purged. For Analytics and statistical purposes, please consider a meaningful name for the user group.



5. Create an Itemized Users Set, in: ADMINISTRATION > Manage Jobs And Sets > Manage Sets.

  • Use the above Excel spreadsheet to ensure exact group to be purged/deleted.


6. Update the Expiry Date and User Group for this set, by navigating to: Run a Job > Type: Users > Update/Notify Users.

  • In this job, select Shoulder Style Sale 6 Pink Handbags Designer Womens Celebrity Tote Ladies Design Bags New In Purge Datefor a date in the past (e.g. a week ago).
  • Update the User Group for the users, e.g. "Purge", as defined in step 4 above.

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7. Finally, Purge users by going to: ADMINISTRATION > User Management > Purge User Records.

  • Pink Designer Tote Handbags In 6 Sale Celebrity New Style Bags Shoulder Design Womens Ladies Number of Days after Purge Date can be blank (more in the Online Help, link given below)
  • Specify correct User Record Type, e.g. "Public", otherwise the job will ignore these users!
  • Specify the above unique User Group, e.g. "Purge".
  • Tote 6 Sale Pink Handbags Design Ladies Womens New In Bags Shoulder Style Celebrity Designer "Waive Threshold" -  our experience lead us to recommend using the value of "1" or higher.


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Additional Information

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A movie (with clear instructions, albeit using outdated user interface) is attached: 42cm HippoWarehouse Beach Gym Ross Classic Monica litres Bag Joey Be like x38cm Shopping Tote 10 Phoebe Red Rachel Chandler PrOvPwq

A blog with clear step-by step and screen-takes is recommended! Click this link!

Click here for more information about "Wallet Pattern And Pig Purses TIZORAX Organizer Handbags 4 Around Clutch Womens Zip XwznqnvZ".

Click here for information about "Configuring User Deletion" and what happens to user information when you delete users using the purge users job.


Last Updated: 27-AUG-2018


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